Terraria Inventory Editor (InvEdit)

by Dave on December 2, 2011

in Hacks

The Terraria Inventory Editor makes it easy to start a new character from scratch if you like to just build things without needing to gather the materials, or if you are just impatient and want all the cool stuff now.

Terraria Inventory Editor Screen

Terraria Inventory Editor Player Data Screen

Terraria Inventory Editor Inventory Overview Screen

Terraria Inventory Editor Inventory Screen

Terraria Inventory Editor Inventory Screen

Terraria Inventory Editor Inventory Screen with Items

Download Latest Version Here: http://chbshoot.me/?page_id=100

If you are new to Terraria and haven’t yet “completed the game” without any cheats or hacks I would suggest staying away from this until you have beaten all the bosses, etc. otherwise this will just ruin the game for you. You have been warned.

Made by ‘Shoot’ on the KryptoDev Forum.
Forum Link: http://www.kryptodev.com/showthread.php?tid=12757

Edit: For a version 1.1 compatible inventory editor for Terraira try TerrariViewer: http://terrariviewer.codeplex.com/releases/view/71908

Final Edit: DO NOT USE AN OLD VERSION OF THIS, doing so will most likely cause you lose your character. I have removed the direct download link since I was not keeping it updated and people have been losing their characters. You’ve been warned!

  • Shoot

    Woah. Nice website! Thanks for this post

    • http://terrariatips.com Dave

      Thank YOU sir, for this awesome program.

      • Partypoper97

        SIgh…. some people like inv editor, but I hate it. It is less rewarding to make an awesome house or weapon since you can press a few buttons and automatically obtain the material for it. What’s the point of grinding if you get everything when you start? The fun is having to mine and the thrill of finding that new ore of finally killing that impossible boss. Even though you don’t HAVE to use it, some people will  be tempted to not play through and just use this, which makes the game a lot worse.

        • Andrew Bedell

          Worse for them, but in no way does it affect you. If they honestly want to give themselves items to build something cool, which I very much enjoy and no, I do not find “grinding materials” when I just feel like making a cool fortress to be fun.

          • Asdfghjk

            I personally find inventory editors GREAT for ONLINE play. Make that huge castle then open up the servers. And i tell you what a castle 50 sqaures high of gold bricks is not easy to make!

          • Luismoreiracosta


        • Shoot

          Oh I agree, I just made it, but I don’t use it at all

        • Micka190

          Well some people, ME for instance, would like to test before doing! The Night’s Edge sword for example. It requires a fiery greatsword, the Muramasa, the blade of grass and Night’s Bane to craft but I don’t want to waist a hold to hit sword (Muramasa) for a click to hit sword. So with this we can test!

        • Suckmydick

          Three words. Who. Fucking. Cares.

        • Lightstar600

          I came to check this out because, ever since patch 1.0.6, the jungle has become really, really difficult and, even with end game equipment, I can’t get to a depth where I can find a shrine for even a chance to find the one last item I want before the next update, which is coming up really soon… With the comments about people losing their characters because of this, I’ve decided that I’m just going to try to find someone that would accept a Dark lance, a shadow key, aqua scepter, or money for it, instead of trying this. At least for now.

        • luv2U

          im looking for the inv editor because i wanna build extremebuilds not small builds and the builds im making would take atleast 4 days (i’ve completed the game) just collecting stuff

      • Rer

        your welcome dave

  • Ashley

    Problem when i update to the newest version (1.3 or something) it says like something about broke i dunno just try and fix it or something thanks

  • Ashley



    Not FoundThe requested URL
    /update/inv/TerrariaInvEdit.26.exe was not found on this server.

  • Caleb Kuj

    thanks man! i just finished the game, but i want the sunfury. im sick of grinding on bone snakes. this will help allot!


    i cant get ANY items idk how

    • I’m LOL Master

      i dont know what a link is

      • I’m LOL master

        hi I’m LOL master  HI HI HI HI HI HI HI HI

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Adam-Doran/100000584164074 Adam Doran

    thanks for this i accidently deleted my main accoutn and now i have to start all over =_= 

    • Penguinman24

      fucking deleted my awesome player too!

      • Noliver3

        it didn’t delete it, if you get terraria 1.0.6 it works again.

        • grunt

          What if you already have 1.0.6 when it deleted your character?

      • CryonicTunic

        I also deleted my player…. i had a spazzzzz

        • Tommodino

          i had a full hallow player and i deleted it

    • Prof. Guest Ph. D.


  • Anonymous

    virus scan?

  • Blahblah

    The one for the new update 1.05 link is broken, says “we failed to fetch url nigga…” after you click skip ad.

  • Micka190

    Could you just update the link?
    Because I want to try out the Night’s Edge sword before making it (I love my muramasa and i don’t want to lose it for a dumb weapon) and when it updates me to 1.0.5 the page litteraly as “We failed to find the URL nigga!” and it just stops there…

  • Stephenbock

    I cant seem to make it work for 1.0.5 it says unable to fetch url and i lost my character because of it and i can’t seem tomake the others work (when i try no items pop up). please post me help

  • Kevenleven2

    Hey can you jst update it or make it work. were all getting the raceist error. :/ Its an amazing program though….but i want one for 1.0.5 that works please

    • Guest

      Is that because you have a ilegal version.

  • Jillyjonga

    I think that it is a great program! It works well!

    • Rforest

      my file was currepted  and i had a hell of good stuff even the shadow key so  inve edit

  • Taylor

    It takes the piss it doesn’t fucking work HELP!!!

  • Himom0707

    It comes up with an error everytime I put my cursor over the character’s name. Whyyyyyyy???

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000963618633 Sascha Edusch

    i dont check how it does work!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000963618633 Sascha Edusch

    can anybody help me plz?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000963618633 Sascha Edusch

    oh forget… but i cant play with this guy

  • 1Darkatus1

    Thanks for this i had 18 stars and i droped the trying to put them in a chest. TY

  • Pen15

    Awesomesauce. 😀

  • Ggg

    does this violate steams user agreement

  • Blargh

    Fix it or remove it.

  • Doomed98

    thanks so much, I deleted my cool character and lost all my stuff 🙁

  • molten oxide

    i have a problem i cant do any thing i pick my charater then go to inventory then i click on the one that says empty then when i click item nothing is there

  • Protipper

    PROTIP: Backup yout character files before using it!

  • Olliesteertv

    Works very well. Thanks!

  • asd258


  • Dd


  • http://www.facebook.com/saul.massesiguenza Saul Arnoldo Masse Siguenza Jr

    i want these for mac

  • http://www.facebook.com/saul.massesiguenza Saul Arnoldo Masse Siguenza Jr

    i want this for mac

  • Gage

    can it work for 1.1

  • Mikerise45323

    1.1 is out!!! make a new one please!!!!!

    • Aveyond54

      NO!! I got it and it deleted my best character its a character deleter

      • Port5

         no i have been using this since 1.02 its fine you just bugged it out or had it accidentally move your character file

      • Anon1

        no. you *beep*ed it up.

  • Mymothersmeatloaf

    I don’t understand why people can’t just play the game legit instead of cheating.

    • Blauze

      For some reason, I lost every item I had in my main character… I needed this to get everything back.  I don’t think this is cheating.

  • Timmyrafer

    where is the one for mac

  • Kaakaak

    where i download this=????

  • Hvdhabi

    This is a terrible idea I hate it so much just totally ruin the game!!! You suck man:(

    • Wearefarmers

      Did you even see the final edit? Don’t use it until the game has been beaten, so you won’t ruin it

  • Anonymous

    is this compatible for 1.1.1?
    Also, how do I stop my norton from calling it a virus?

  • Kurohana

    1.1.1 Is Out Make A Even Newer One LOL Merry Xmas

  • Wearefarmers

    Mine won’t give me the damn items…

  • Imnotanonymous

    which download button do i press…. there are like 3 different ones

  • albani

    what do i press?

  • Knigthred

    I try to download but it sends me to a facemoods download plz help 

  • Notelling

    Update please

  • Lakesidezx

    When I try to load a character I get an error message that says “This version of Terraria (39) is not supported yet”.  I didn’t see any updates in steam of the game since the last time that I ran your program, but maybe I overlooked it.

  • gunhand4354

    1.2 is out make next update

  • Mikerise45323

    1.2 is out!!! make a new one please!!!!!

  • Jared Stocking

    this put a virus on my computer and now i cant get rid of it, this might be like the last thing i type, thanks, my brand new laptop too

  • kAliCHiGh

    Please make a invedit for 1.1.2!

  • Lolcheese1335

    1.1.2 is out make a new one’

  • Gamingjew

    1.1.2 Is out, need a new one. Thanks.

  • James M


    Any idea when 1.1.2 is released?


  • chrissievds

    i tryed to download the terraria inventory editor and i got the exe for it but i can not get it

  • Laz02

    Ugh! i really need this for 1.1.2 because I just made a new character, AND I lost all of my fucking life crystals!

  • Ben Cremer

    pleas make it 1.2!

  • Lolcheese1335

    1.1.2 Please?

  • Grimreapzuki


  • LordVandor1

    I always die for unfortunate fucking fault,so I decided to download InvEdit for this game,but I only find FUCKING FAKES!!!!

  • Spriggs877

    When I use it I only change my colors and it deletes the starter items and gives me a random item

  • Terraria-User (Mac)

    is there one for mac

  • Mventrella


  • Rimmerben

    I’ve got Invedit with the gun mod but it don’t work! I need help please!

  • Tman15000

    Is There One For mac

  • Asd

    Just remember to BACKUP your characters and you’re fine.

  • Mac_User

    Is there a mac version

  • Вы лохи

    По русски не судьба писать?

    • Русич


  • Pikapikaaa

    Does it work with mods?

  • Givemepancakes

    Hooray for not having to grind hornets and randomly dig around for underground jungles anymore!

  • Gustav

    1.1.2 is out can you make a new one 4 this version

  • Wadrowolf

    what pass?



  • Tcsswim

    What is the password????

  • Timalanjr

    how come it has pass??

  • Timalanjr

    wat is the password???

  • FallenAlaince

    umm… where is the download???? don’t comment to me just put statement

  • Notch

    how do you even download it

  • SolarGlow

    mind updating the one above because terraria viewer can’t get souls and other stuff and has less max than this one.

  • Terraria

    is the editor good or bad i looked through the comments and there was good and bad quetions so i dont know if i should download it or not

  • Terraria

    So is the editor a character delete or what

  • cooliegirl101

    where the download link?

  • Jelgadis

    is there a link for 1.0.2?

  • xjk

    Oh, Idiot.
    How can I download it?

  • Josef

    I want for 1.1.2 but i don’t know how to download this program. please help me

  • http://www.facebook.com/Darkwolf37 Ray Drake

    Link leads to a Down Loader, not to your file.!! Are you just a hacker getting into peoples systems???

  • ilovetoast55

    were the link??????????????

  • Lesha

    Здорова всем ёпта , этот чит удалил всё что у меня был в инвенторе , копилках , сейвах и т.д. , так вот , я может не прочитал что такое может случиться , но блядь!!!!!!! я просрал всё!!! А чит не восстанавдивает то что я на четерил! Омёба

  • 2layZ

    I would love to see this updated, as I am planning on doing a role play-esque playthrough. So please, update it, or at least make it so my old version can update.

    • 2LayZ

      Also, I came here because this is the only inventory editor I trust.

  • ME123

    1.2 is out make a new

  • benjamin


  • Niko …

    its Buggy it bugs my charakter away !! ;_; FIX IT !!!

  • zhubwat


  • Guest

    im trying to download but when i get to the Shoot! Download it goes up to 83 and goes down to 83-80 and stops. WHY???

  • Muhawka

    It stopped working today because the game updated to 1.2.3. Is there an update in progress?

  • Red!t

    If you are smart enough, you would backup your save!

  • derp

    why does it keep saying: “well this is emberassing…” when i open a character!!! FIX THE FUCKING SHIT

  • to young to simple

    Is anyone here?

  • doggylover42

    does anybody play on xbox 360? if yes plz reply saying your gamertag.

  • Elijah Anderson

    1.3 please

  • Anomynys

    how do you download this?

  • Anonymous

    Hi! Looking for inventory editor, Can you give me link please?

  • WizardofDeath62


    • A Guy


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