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by Dave on May 21, 2011

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This isn’t so much a hack (okay, technically it is) as it is a really cool and useful tool. I wouldn’t recommend using this if you are just starting out in a world, it’s more for if you have defeated all of the bosses and are in the end stages of the game. What this does is open up your Terraria save game (located in /My Documents/My Games/Terraria/Worlds/) and make an image file containing a side view of your map showing everything from the floating islands to the underworld. It’s called the Terraria World Viewer or Map Viewer. Here is a sample of one of my “Small” sized worlds (image is 1.21MB)

Output for a small world

Right now the application has 10 symbols marking these things:

Terraria Map Viewer Symbols Key

And the GUI: Terraria World Viewer GUI


Download: http://terrariaworldviewer.codeplex.com/

Here’s a link to the original forum post: http://www.terrariaonline.com/threads/terraria-map-viewer.4226/

  • João Pontes

    Hello there, great site you have here, good job!

    I have a question though…

    Me and my friend were playing Terraria and we started to fight a boss for the third (and hopefully last) time.

    It was a gruesome battle and by the end of it, we were barely alive. However, the monster was almost at our feet, having suffered nearly 3900 dmg and we were sure that our perseverance would finally win us our arduous battle.

    And then… He goes away.

    “This was fun guys, but I gotta go. Chiao!” – He said

    Yep, morning came and he was gone, in a game design move that left me and my friend, well, a bit mad 🙂 Specially considering that boss battles can last a while.

    Well, after taking you trough this sad story, I ask you, in your world viewer program, who are the boss 1, 2 and 3 monsters? ’cause the one that we fought was the Eye of Ctulhu and me and my friend were hoping to change it to true because, well, like I said, that design choice was pretty stupid (and/or cruel).

    • http://terrariatips.com Dave

      I’m not sure I understand your question. Bosses appear when you summon them and there in no location on the map that they reside in (with the exception of Skeletor, kind of) so there’s no way to set the completed status of one to “true” with this program. Perhaps with an inventory/character editor you might be able to do this but apart from that you will just have to fight him again 🙂

      I’m planning on doing a few posts on how to defeat the various bosses soon, so check back if you are still having difficulty with it.

      By the way, it’s best to summon bosses right at the beginning of the night (you can tell it’s night because the music will change) or else he may leave as soon as the sun rises.

      • João Pontes

        Thanks for the answer 🙂 I just thought I could do it because the map viewer had an option labeled:

        Boss1: False
        Boss2: False
        Boss3: False

        Having the boss just go away at daytime is just cruel :C

        • http://terrariatips.com Dave

          Unfortunately that’s just there to display the information, if you want to edit the world information you can use the map editor: http://terrariatips.com/2011/05/terraria-map-editor-tedit/ 🙂

          • João Pontes

            Thanks 🙂

            Actually, we managed to beat the boss after all. Just 2 more to go!

  • Kurtfilip

    Why does it come in a ZIP file?

    • http://terrariatips.com Dave

      Why would it not come in a zip file?

    • Akaash7

      i think u might need winrar 🙂

      • Unknown

        you do need winRAR

  • Aaradhia

    how do i use this?

    • http://terrariatips.com Dave

      Click “browse” by Select World and select your world file (in /Documents/My Games/Terraria/Worlds) that you want to map.

      Then under Output World Preview click browse and name whatever you want the map of your world to be called.

      Then hit Create Preview.


      • Aaradhia


      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Joshua-Claydon/100000010672998 Joshua Claydon

        Thankyou dave, was trying to find my terraria world for ages. thanks.

  • rick

    How do you find meteors ?

    • http://terrariatips.com Dave

      They look like a chunk has been taken out of the world somewhere on the world viewer, otherwise you just have to walk from end to end both ways and find them.

      If you’re unlucky they will sometimes fall on floating islands or in the ocean at the end of the world so be sure to check there too.


      quite easy, break a shadow orb which are in corruption in deep chasms

    • M_carey83

      look for the pink areas.

  • Hemmanuelgarcia

    Question, I want to find some damn rocket boots, I’ve literally got almost every item in the game =__=; How do I use that filter?

    • Koop39

      you get them from the goblin army?

    • http://terrariatips.com Dave

      You can get them from the goblin army, from floating islands or the dungeon 🙂

      Not sure what filter you’re talking about though

  • Naunchee

     hey my  map viever just crashes why?

  • Mone_swe

    thank !

  • Pyzir

    im getting an “error opening world – unable to read past stream” what does that mean… it pops up every time i try to draw the world, what could it be help anyone? :/
    regards- Rim

    • BO

      Its probably saying “STEAM” not stream….

      • Arbitore

        Its Defiantly “Stream,” I have the same thing and nothing seems to fix it.

  • Piggsy

    Im having an error too, it says “Unable to read beyond the end of the stream” or something like that… :c

  • Joel

    WHat does the different H’s stand for? also is there shadow chest symbols. really desperate to find some

  • Random_rose154

    SO can anyone tell me STEP by STEP to disable some of these un-necessary icons?

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  • midget997

    really helped me out trying to find a sky island, thanks

  • Omegadownloader

    Is there one for Mac? And where are the world stored in Mac OSX lion?

  • Justinskullhead

    were do u download this shit

  • Ashura

    Does it work on Mac?

  • Michael

    Can this be downloaded on a mac too? 

  • Looping33

    What “L” means ? 

    • xpx20

      i know what does it mean

  • Anonymous

    i’ts very awesome for single player but it isn’t version for multiplayer. Do you found some ?

  • Bloody_king90

    i get this message when loading the image Windows Live Photo Gallery encountered an error loading WLXPhotoViewer.dll, u need to change the properties to open with piant

  • Ozzem

    ive downloaded it, it just wont open the program itself

  • bec2002

    what does G mean

  • Unknown

    It needs gold, iron,deamonite, and tin on the radar

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