Terraria Map Editor (TEdit)

by Dave on May 25, 2011

in Hacks

This is currently the only available Map Editor for Terraria that I have been able to find. Unfortunately I believe the maker has been banned from the “official” forums and his posts have been removed, luckily Google had a cache of the page so I was able to grab it 🙂

It has a built in World Viewer and it lets you edit any Terraria map just like paint (with pencil, brush, fill and select tools). It will also let you change world settings (bosses defeated, time, meteors, invasions, etc), edit chests (you can see the chest contents) and change signs.

Here’s a few screenshots of the actual program:

Terraria Map Editor

A quick look at the editor with a map loaded

Terraria Map Editor Full Map

The editor fully with the map fully zoomed out

These are the side tabs. All the bold text (on the right side) is editable, so you can change; the bosses that have been defeated, invasions, meteors and Shadow Orbs, turn Blood Moon on or off, moon phases and the time of day:

Terraria Map Editor Map Settings Tab

The Map Settings tab

The chest tab is pretty awesome, it lists every chest in the game and their contents and coordinates. You appear to be able to edit the contents and their quantities:

Terraria Map Editor Map Chests Tab

The Chests tab, complete with chest contents

You will need:

That’s it.

Download: http://github.com/BinaryConstruct/Terraria-Map-Editor/downloads

Link to github page: https://github.com/BinaryConstruct/Terraria-Map-Editor
Issues? File an issue report on github: http://github.com/BinaryConstruct/Terraria-Map-Editor/issues

TIP: To easily flood the map with lava or water (good for adventure maps or just for a challenge) simply draw with a large sized brush with water or lava well above the ground over the entire map. Load it up in game and the water/lava will be on the ground, then you can go back into the editor and do whatever you want to or play with the map as-is.

On a kind of unrelated note, the guide seems to die if you drown him in lava (I thought you could never kill the guide) 😀

Quick video of me going through the various features for those who are interested:

  • DG

    Could use a copy and paste feature

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Tim-Becker/100000201848888 Tim Becker

      I tried and no luck

      • random guy

        i cant download

        • Jhowardgreen

          well this isnt a reply to you random guy but i cant find a way to post a comment without replying, here is a question for the person who made this I tried this with the latest terraria and i couldnt find a way to edit chest contents how do i?

  • Jim Schoorl

    It doesn’t seem to work for me. When I load up the game it resets the map to the original one before i edited it.

  • Jonne

    How do u set goblin army attack with this?

  • Lv

    The first map
    (large size)
    I created with v1.0.0 and still play now in 1.0.2 does not show anything on the chests screen. Other maps (tested with sizes: large, small, small), created at later points or downloaded, work fine.

    • http://terrariatips.com Dave

      There are probably some problems with backwards compatibility with older maps, and there is not much that can be done about that I’m afraid.

      • Lv

        Why is that? A Terraria map is a Terraria map. If this program cen’t read or properly save some maps, I think relying on it for anything but viewing would be a bad idea. I can send whomever works on this program the map in question if they want to debug the issue.

        • http://terrariatips.com Dave

          Issues? File an issue report on github: http://github.com/BinaryConstruct/Terraria-Map-Editor/issues

          And I’m fairly sure it’s because new items were added in the patches.

  • Darkgamerkidgames

    I really would like the feature to beable to click on trees and delete them as well as to beable to move the spawn point (the main spawn point since if I put the map on my server not everyone will spawn where I am) to where ever I want. If we can do any of these things already, can you tell me exactly how I can do this?

    • Bloodthirster09

      the main spawn point is just in the centre of the map (dead centre) therefore i doubt it can be changed best idea i think would be to build a small house at the main spawn so people don’t get killed as soon as they enter and have a sign just saying like main city or house is left
      P.S. also you should make the house blood moon zombie proof (have all doors 3 or more blocks off the ground) just in case the spawn on a blood moon

  • Mabra

    Compatible with the update 1.0.3?

    • John Steel55

      Yes it is… I have it 🙂

  • Ultroman

    Well, a terrain editor usually only works for one type of map-files, and as the guys at Re-Logic have only just started production in January 2011, I’d say it’s very plausible that they’re also updating the mapcode from time to time. Which means, if the programmer behind the map editor was to make it backwards compatible every time there was an update, he’d have to do some serious overtime. Any database-changes would make for a different map decoding algorithm, and I don’t think a freelance-project like this CBA

  • TerrariaFreak

    I love this but without copy and paste It is not good for creating a map 🙁 .5 needs copy and paste badly… very badly

    • Renegade

      It has copy and past. Take the select tool and select ANYTHING. Press Ctrl + C (copy) and then Ctrl + V (Paste) and your cursor will become the copied selection. Just left click to place it anywhere. There is also a clipboard that keeps all your copied selections. However, I dunno if I have the newest version (2.7.2 is what I’m using) but after copying and pasting a selection I am no longer able to edit the map with the other paint tools. If you have this issue as well just save your map after finishing copying, close and reopen Tedit and reload the map. 

  • Boxiestduck01

    I have not tried it but i have a freind that uses it on steam

    If you have a steam add me I’m boxiestduck

    My friends name Is pacgabe99

  • Anonymous

    it needs copy/paste, undo function and then its perfect

  • TheBigDB

    Is this going to get updated for 1.0.5? And I second the copy/paste and undo/redo functions.

  • MikeJonesAA

    Is it compatible with 1.0.5?

  • Micka190

    Ok so I downloaded it it works fine but I can’t seem to be able to activate the NPC, the Boss, the Time, etc. tabs. Can anyone please reply? because I’m not sure if its a key that activates it or if it was removed. But yeah I really would like to be able to have a more in depth edit.

  • insomnia

    Add an NPC tool, Chest editor, and some more blocks, such as a hellforge, torches, etc. into the editor please, would make it so much better 🙂

  • Jimmy

    ok, so how come the version in the screen-shots and videos looks completely different to the download version? and has hardly any of the functions?

  • Zilas555

    Where i can download?

  • Zilas555

    I found 😀

  • :(

    how do i spawn npc with this the new one doesnt have a chest tab or anything it just has a import thing and i dont know how to use it 🙁

  • Corbin Woods

    With the newest one how do you edit chests

  • 143

    does it work with v1.0.5?

  • Keger

    I wish to make my map wider to paste some more terrain into it, i guess this isnt possible?

  • DickSaladGeneral


  • Bob

    Um i downloaded it but i cant edit any tiles, What am I doing wrong?

  • That Guy

    How can you edit chest contents in Version 2?

  • Jazon351

    HOW TO COPY , so you want to repeat a selected area say for spires on a tower? Use CTRL C to copy an area then the paste feature works with the newest version.

  • slygeoduck

    So with this it is possible to completely remove the corruption once and for all?

  • Sean

    how do u place npcs in newest one?

  • painbringer1998

    you cant edit chest contents in newest version what a fail thats pretty much the big thing i wanted out of this

    • Igor

      You can edit chest by right click.

  • Dasa

    is this map editor legal or illegal?

    • Bloodthirster09

      This is like any mod as long as it is not sold with a price like an actual money value it is legal. The only issue is how you use it by which i mean some may consider it cheating if you change the map to finish the game but i’m at the stage where I have made everything and done everything and now my guy is that bad ass that he only dies when I forget to check how much air he has left (yes really I get pre occupied with digging alot especially underwater cause I want to flood the under world oh and if you dig out the bottom of the oceans there isn’t enough water to do that I tried so I’m honestly getting this to just flood the underworld or hell as some call it >.>) also diamond is annoying to find i think you onlyy use it in phase blades can’t remember but the only one i don’t have is the diamond one and there is only enough diamond on my map for bout half of one so yeah 

  • Gizd

    It’s lame that you can’t use like half of tiles even though the app is aware of their existence. Also no chest/pot content edition. 🙁

  • Dakota Weber

    This may be a dumb Q but, does this work with the latest Terraria? 1.0.6?

    • Igor

      Ya, it work with 1.06.1

      • Josephus

        It works with 1.1.2

        • burning skull

          does it work with 1.2.3?

  • Gusmurphy

    Does this work for 1.6?

  • mario610

    how do you place chests?

  • Trc

     You CAN kill The Guide if you can find and defeat a Voodoo Demon, pick up the doll it drops, put it in your equip slot, and then kill The Guide like a Zombie. Or by typing IA MAN OOB.

    • Kittco36

      how do u thype it?

      • trollolololol

        Do you know what typing means? Geez, you couldn’t be any dumber, EVER.

      • NOOB


    • ronelm2000

      Now in 1.1…Everyone kills The Guide XD

  • Patou

    why  it dont have on mac

  • Spavid

    Erm…. how do i install the schematics?

  • Deg

    So it seems it cannot read corrupt map names (i have a map without a name. glitched.)
    Any chance of allowing it to, if a name is not found, give it a name without crashing?

    • Poil556

      If you are on 1.1 it won’t work

      • Lutherpuding

        There was no 1.1 three months ago.

  • James

    Is it possible to add trees? if so, how?

  • ??????????

    Where is the executable?

    • Exactly

      YEAH WHERE IS THE .EXE?!?!?!

      • Shekath

        There IS no exe. Noob.

        • guest

          the guide referes to an executable but there is none. is it a seperate download or is it hidden for some stupid reason? further more, calling someone noob, makes you noob.

          • Viy

            no u

          • lanhikarimega

            in on the start menu of windows(i use the Portuguese windows so it can be wrong)

      • George Brooke

        Look on GitHub, readme > downloads > msi > run msi > THERE! ITS INSTALLED

  • Kfinfi


  • http://twitter.com/notch_notch_ Markus Markus Persso

    Oh dear Terraria. They’re so scared of mod development. :/

    Thanks for this though!

    • http://twitter.com/huntergrauch hunter g rauch

      plays terraria????????

      • Nobodeh

        Idiot, he’s obviosly not the real Notch.

        • YM_Industries

          While he probably isn’t the real Notch, Notch does play Terraria. Look at his Twitter.

          • Anonymous

            He’s definitely not the real Notch, as Notch wouldn’t make a comment about being afraid of Mod development, because he himself is.

          • AwlBeetle

            Obviously not the real Notch but are you a moron? He isn’t scared of mod development, he is making it easier for mods to be made. He is absolutely not scared of mod development, research before you post please.

          • Copybass

            Actually; he wanted to sell the mod API, and disliked the fact that people argued against it – He doesn’t like the thought of mods, as they devalue the progress he’s achieved in his short time of actually doing work.

            Have an IQ and a mouth that isn’t on a “Indie” dev’s cock before you post please.

          • Mcoollister

            YM_Industries? As in Flamming Lemons?

      • http://twitter.com/notch_notch_ Markus Markus Persso

        I never intended to pretend to be Notch… it’s a Notchclone I created to give all the hundreds of other clones a backstory, and I didn’t want to make a new account. I do play Terraria, as does Notch, but I don’t like the idea of people getting banned for trying to mod the game.

        • DarkGollum

          No one get ban. I don’t know why the heck the guy said that…
          The guy who made TEdit still on the official forum…

          • Ringowong328

            hes gone:(

      • Michael0506070

        Yes he does but thats not the real notch! Its a clone.

      • Robert

        Why Wouldn’t He? Have you seen some of the splash text one says “Also Try Terraria!”

    • Ringowong328

      notch here!?!?!?

    • http://www.facebook.com/sam.rempel.12 Sam Rempel

      I play Minecraft!

      • yo mum

        terraria is better

        • COOL


        • PaperMaster

          both are amazing games neither of them are better but both are different and you should play the one that you enjoy more

      • PaperMaster

        good for you

    • Shannononon

      Can I get less salt here? I’m just trying to mod my game… XD

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Panlew-Octoganups/100002883690511 Panlew Octoganups

    Men Can You Make a (COPY) tool that saves this i selected? so i can copy this to another world
    or to make same copy of this in the same world?

  • Thatssilly

    plz help, i made a new map on tedit but there no guide and im not sure how to import
    npc’s, plz help

  • Mike C Debruyn

    wherte is the actual application?????

  • Markus2303

    can you put down Demon Altars?

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_CNUSMKK7JUFRCOBDEYK2RDP5OQ Henry

      yes just import the shematic from the Shematics file

  • http://www.facebook.com/saul.massesiguenza Saul Arnoldo Masse Siguenza Jr

    i want this for mac

  • Vicente

     How do  i put NPC´s?

  • Vicente

     How do  i put NPC´s?

  • Earthykiller

    stupid this is not the real one MY ASS

  • http://twitter.com/UsaRoxYou James. ;]

    WTF WHEN WILL IT BE OUT FOR v1.1!?!!?!!?! >:U

  • Myassinspace+tedit

    I’m hoping this will be updated to 1.1!

  • Patrick Hadlaw

    When is the 1.1 version coming out

    • Poil556

      Soon it will come out don’t worry

  • KRider

    Does this work with terraria 1.1?

  • http://twitter.com/UsaRoxYou James. ;]


  • Attila_the_hunn

    will this work with 1.1

  • Deathbydigre

    no this does not work with 1.1 i have tried

  • TheUnknown

    Wen i load a world it says There was a problem loading the file make sure you selected a .wld, .bak or .Tedit fie 
    my world is world1.wld what is wrong > fix this

    • Deathbydigre

      if your using 1.1 on terraria this will not work yet it has to be updated for all the new blocks to be read correctly and probably other coding shit

  • http://twitter.com/UsaRoxYou James. ;]


  • http://twitter.com/UsaRoxYou James. ;]


  • Never gonna give you up

    Needs 1.1 compatibility.

    • a fan

      Remember to backup your world before editing!!!

  • Jesper_97

    Pliz make for 1.1

  • a fan

    1.1 Beta version is out. follow to link above

  • AleCool344

    The Terraria forum guys are just a bunch of jerks. Bans you for every tiny thing.

  • Fuck You

    there is no executable file to run, this is such failure

    • troll

      you dont know how to use a computer…….SHAME

  • guest

    there is no tedit.exe?!

  • Omap

    Works fine, everything works great, flood tool sometimes crashes it, but you can just paint the water, I RP in terraria and I use it to make more dungeons for people to explore. Amazing mod, really love it. Saved tons of time making a huge mountain

  • Jim0

    How do I launch it? I can’t find an application or an exe

  • http://twitter.com/vsams14 Val Samsonov

    kind of glitchy. whenever attempting to draw, the map gets distorted an moves around based on where my cursor is. only moves a v=couple blocks either way, but its still very annoying because only parts move, so then the map looks like a garble of pixels…

  • Peter

    is it able to un-corrupt worlds?

  • muju

    hey can someone please tell me how to run this. also please don’t just call me a noob  i may be one but i need help.

  • Asdf

    Where to download?

  • Sparktrack

    If there is a Mac version please notify me! Or put it on this site!

  • Graves

    Needs v1.1.2 compatibility

  • Your Mom Is A Poopsack


  • Pengeyrocks

    WHICH DO I DOWNLOAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mastergauron1

    I really want it to work on v1.1.2

  • Nefashus94

    Is there going to be an update?

  • Bibbidy90210

    up to date and tested. Thanks!!

  • Anon

    up to date and tested. Thanks!!

  • Jacobpetersen

    i got version and i have no idea how to add stuff to a chest 🙁 cane any body make a video/list that shows how to do it in my version?

  • Nicklam Gm


  • Malokiua

    I just accidently added a dryad. How do I get rid of it?

  • Any

    now has the compatibility for 1.1.2

  • Deltrae3

    acually Binary Construct hasn’t been banned from the official forum of terrariaonline…

  • Mattheejohn

    how do u put things in chests

  • Terran9

    How do I open it?

  • TheGeustrocktube

  • Bibbir

    bob likes cheese

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/DG52VYFTDC32MRPGIKP6HCH5FI Learned

    I can’t get it to work, it just says TEdit has stopped working

  • Nathan Dore

    I try to go on it and before it renders the world I get a message saying that it it has stopped working, will it be fixed?

  • Gubbenmedhatten

    It double click but it wont start up
    What do i do?

  • Guest

    direct download please? I don’t really understand GitHub yet.

  • Professorphunky

    i edited my world, but when i tried to load it in terraria, it said load failed or something and i had to load a backup file.
    it doesn’t work 

  • superdreeams 154

    wohos play cubelands

  • NNukBomba




    • Hendrius Victor

      Not, 1.1.2 or more

  • Guest

    How do u install?!?!?

  • queasadsae

    Everytime i try to open it i does nothing i already installed .net framework 4 help please!

  • Michael0506070

    Of COURSE you can kill the guide in lava! Once you get the guide voodoo doll and throw it into lava in the underworld, it summons the wall of flesh! That boss also gets you into hard mode!

    • Guide

      No, not voodoo doll kind

  • Joe

    that will not do and what I need to download

  • John Doe

    It’s easy to make a world without corruption using the brush tools mask option ! 🙂

  • George Brooke

    Go to the GitHub, look at the readme, press downloads and click the top file.

  • Giovanni

    None of the downloading links work!

  • lukazza

    can u start projecting Tedit for 1.2 ??

    i relly look forward to it.

  • sliceofpi

    is this compatable with 1.2

  • Sesalpinogamer

    notch i send you a mail



  • Awesoe

    Lollll fake notch

  • _pop1200000_

    no download?


  • Victor Thompson

    the download website doesn’t work for me. it isn’t showing the downloads…

  • PTH

    The .zip file I downloaded just contains 3 bin files a lot of folders and other files wich i can’t run! Is this XP compatible???

  • Coolman9391

    Yes of course he isn’t the real notch notchs name is Markus Persson not Markus Murkus Persson and you can clearly see is profile picture is mirrored unlike the real notchs pic

  • zaia rel

    Help!!!! When i save my created world I enter terraria and i cant enter it i even clicked load backup and said no backup file found

  • PaperMaster

    So cool I will be looking into it soon.


    This wont work

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