Surviving The First Night in Terraria

by Dave on May 21, 2011

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The world of Terraria is cruel and unforgiving, and even though there is a guide to help you, surviving the first night on your own can be a difficult task (it is much easier in multiplayer, but we will be talking about singleplayer).

The first thing you should know before we even enter the world is that you are going to die, a lot. Unlike many games of this genre (read: Minecraft) you do not lose all of your items upon death. Instead you will drop 50% of the coins you are carrying, but it is possible to retrieve them.

Terraria guide

Your Guide in Terraria

When you first start up your world you will notice that you start with 2 tools (a pickaxe and an axe) and a friend that wanders around nearby. That man is your guide, he is here to help you through all of your Terraria adventures, from setting up your first house to summoning demons and monsters. If you right-click on the guide he will explain various things to you, the dialogues change the further you progress through the game, so be sure to check back with him every now and again for some helpful information.

As in many other games of this genre, the first thing you will want to gather is wood. You will need wood to make tools, furniture, workbenches, torches and many other useful things. Once you have chopped down a few trees and have a decent amount of wood open up you inventory/crafting screen by pressing the “Esc” key. As you will see all of the items that you are able to craft will be listed in the crafting menu, more items will unlock when you have better ores/items to craft with.

Go ahead and make a workbench, as you will need this to craft more advanced items. Once you have your workbench in your inventory, place it in your hotbar so you are able to hold it, next place the workbench on the ground by left-clicking the area you would like to place it. Once you have the workbench on the ground simply press the “Esc” key to see your inventory. You will notice that now we are able to craft many more things than we were before, such as a sword, hammer, table, chair, door, etc. A sword will be essential to surviving the first night, so make one right away.

From here I would advise that you either make a simple wooden shack with a door for the first night, or you can do what I did and just dig a hole in the ground and seal it off with dirt until morning comes.

Terraria first night houses

A couple of example houses sufficient enough to help you survive the first night

Here’s a quick check-list of the things you will want to do in order to survive the night:

  • Gather wood
  • Craft a workbench
  • Make a sword
  • Kill slimes (slime gel is used to make torches, therefore making it essential)
  • Make torches
  • Build/Dig a shelter
  • Gather Mushrooms (these replenish health when eaten and can be later used in the making of health potions, so you will want to stock up)

Really that’s about it, the night is not too difficult to survive to be honest, just don’t be afraid of dying!

  • Dr Dragontamer

    Last Time I checked, the wooden sword does more damage than the copper shortsword you now start with, and it is easier to use.  I would recomend building one until you get enough metals to make a metal broadsword.

  • Steve-X

    Yeah, also the wooden sword is broadsword… meaning you will swing it over your head which is very useful when fighting slimes. But i prefer the pickaxe, it does less damage on hit, but it’s so much faster and you can just hold MOUSE1 while with the sword you must click for every hit.

  • Dr. Bones

    It is very useful to make a hole in the ground,make a tunnel in there and put torches along the way into that tunnel you have made,letting you explore without taking even a single hit 😉


    many people on this site have no idea that you just dig a  hole, seal it wait till mornin’, open the hole and vola, you have  just  survived the night. now just gather items like said and you have successfully survived the night!!! 

  • Jelani Justin

    its easy surviving the night in terraria its not like minecraft that you have to chop LOTS of trees and build a house and next thing you start mining straight down and boom u lost ur house while you can use ur magic mirror in terraria their can be 100% chance u will find ur hous becaus ur world is not forested large or 3d so it’s actually easy surviving the night in terraria

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