Infinite Water/Lava

by Dave on May 23, 2011

in Cheats

I wouldn’t consider this a “cheat” so much as a glitch/bug (which I’m sure will be fixed soon). It’s actually ridiculously easy to get infinite water or lava from just one bucket.

EDIT: Video is finally up!

Simply set up a small hole next to a much larger hole as shown in this picture:

Infinite lava and water Step 1

The block circled MUST be there for this to work.

Next simply place your lava/water on the circled block as shown:

Infinite lava and water Step 2

As you will see it splits into 2, one going into the much larger hole and one into the smaller hole. This larger hole can be as small or large as you like.

Infinite lava and water Step 3

Infinite lava and water Step 4

Lastly pick up your lava/water from the smaller hole and repeat.

Infinite lava and water Step 5


This is a really simple, but effective trick but I am certain that this will be fixed in a future version of the game.

  • Bob22


  • Aeion

    You can just “spamclick” above the block for water to fill up fast^^ With lava you’ll have to do it a bit slower :p

  • Darkgamerkidgames

    I hope they don’t get rid of it otherwise my well on my multi server will soon run dry. 🙁

  • Pie

    They wont remove it. It’s how the water works they posted it in the wiki. Lava and water splits into two halfs. Or two halfs on small and one bigger. So the bigger one lands in the 1×1 hole and is large enough to be collected. While the spilit part sits all loney like in the Large Hole…

  • Pen15


  • Pen15


  • Pen15


  • Someone

    Love it!!!
    Tip: Have 1 for lava and one for water next to each other, so you get water, chuck it into lava, LOADS OF OBSIDIAN! 😉  
    Anyway… as I said, LOVE IT

  • skullanddog

    This happened to me accidentally when I was dam building… ended up with a small aquifer filling a massive underground reservoir… not what I wanted! T-T

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