Getting Gold in Terraria

by Dave on May 22, 2011

in Beginner Tips

Once you have NPC’s and such in your house/village you will see that there are some items which require a lot of gold to purchase, so this post is going to be a list of easy ways to get gold in Terraria without hacking/cheating, just some good old fashioned farming.

Quick Tip: Holding down the right mouse button will buy large quantities of the same item quickly.

  • 1 Wood + 1 Slime Gel = 3 torches. 1 torch will sell to the merchant for 10 Copper, so an entire stack of 99 torches will sell for 9 Silver and 9 Copper
  • 10 Cobwebs = 1 Silk. 1 Silk will sell for 2 Silver, so 1 stack of cobwebs (25 silk) will sell for 50 Silver
  • 2 Sand = 1 Glass = 2 Bottles. 1 Bottle sells for 20 Copper. This means that each block of sand is worth 20 Copper.
  • 2 Lesser Healing Potions can be made from 2 Bottles, 2 Slime Gel, and 1 Mushroom. 1 Lesser healing potion will sell for 40 Copper. It is more efficient to just sell the bottles, especially considering how useful potions are
  • Gems currently cannot be crafting into anything other than Phaseblades, so selling any gemstones you get is recommended (if you wish to make a Phaseblade simply save 10 of any gem (I recommend saving the cheapest ones as the type of gem currently only effects the color))
  • Smelted bars always sell for more than the raw ore. (1 Copper Ore = 50 Copper, 1 Copper Bar = 1 Silver 50 Copper) It takes 3 copper ore to make 1 bar, so you gain nothing.

Some tips for more advanced players:

  • Create a new world (small size is recommended) and go to the ends of the world on both sides, there are usually chests underwater (BEWARE: if you don’t have flippers this may not be the best idea to try, you may drown) which will contain rare items. These items will sell for a pretty penny
  • Creating multiple small worlds is a very good way to get ores, gems, and rare items very quickly provided you are well enough equipped. Large worlds seem to spread everything out more rather than give more to find, so small worlds is the way to go if you want to work quickly.
  • If you are able to make an obsidian farm or somehow mine it safely and easily you can craft multiple obsidian helmets which sell for 54 Silver a piece. (20 Obsidian = 1 Obsidian Skull, meaning each piece of Obsidian is worth 2 Silver and 70 Copper.) Raw obsidian has no sell value.
  • Wisq

    Your math is wrong with the sand equation. Take our the middle part and you have 2 sand = 2 bottles, so sand is worth exactly as much per unit as bottles, not 2x as much.

    Of course, the real advantage of sand is that it’s so easy to harvest — find a stack, mine from the bottom. And glass is a nice way to store it efficiently until selling (half the space), so it may be worth carrying a furnace when sand harvesting.

    • Dave

      Oops, I can’t believe I got that part wrong. Fixed it now though, thanks!

      Good tip about carrying a furnace with you if you’re going harvesting for sand, doing so would effectively double the amount you were able to gather.

      • robertmarkbram

        Mortimer is only offering me 4 copper for 1 bottle.

        • 3ICE

          Indeed. They nerfed this method of money making a while back. Sell gems, ores, accessories, and vanity items for a quick penny.
          By the way Mortimer is your Merchant. They have random names now, so it helps to call them by their function rather than their name.p.s.: If you don’t like the name Mortimer, kill him (via mobs, sand, or lava) and a new Merchant will spawn with a different name.

          • creepercarnage

            Don’t always spawn with a different name, I got 2 Wyatt the Guides in a row.

    • jon

      make a tower and place sand at top untill it reaches you youll get almost double sand 🙂

  • Chaia

    Your Point “Smelted bars always sell for more than the raw ore. (1 Copper Ore = 50 Copper, 1 Copper Bar = 1 Silver 50 Copper)” is wrong, because you need 3 Copper Ore to smelt 1 Copper Bar. You could sell the Ore right away and you wont make any loss 😉

    • Dave

      Wow, I completely forgot that it takes 3 copper to smelt 1 bar. I just went back and checked and this is actually true for all ores, so you gain nothing from smelting before selling (with the exception of hellstone).

      Clearly math is not my strong point.

      Thanks Chaia!

  • Trevor

    how the heck do i mine obsidian? it’s annoying lol i tried using an iron pick and an iron hammer and neither worked. Do i need better tools? and if i do, which tools should i make?

    • Shane Rogers

      you need way better tools than iron. i believe you need atleast a nightmare pickaxe to harvest it.. you get demonite from bosses that you kill, then using that (with shadow scales from the eater of worlds boss) you can craft a nightmare pickaxe

    • Nicoterraria

      Kill the eater of world one time and it drops shadow scale and demonite ore, melt demonite and go mare a nightmare pickaxe, it can mine obsidian, that was how i get my molten pickaxe

    • Rytisiracool2

      All you need is a golden pickaxe, that is the lowest grade of pickaxes you need to mine obsidian

    • Chrispy Chicken

       much easier than that stuff blow it up with dynamite or just bombs use sticky bombs for more accuracy

    • jc

      You need a nightmare pickaxe works for me.(;

  • BloodroseDead

    will someone help me here? ive been mining like crazy for the past three days and found nothing but abundant sources of copper ive also found about 7 underground chests with nothing but anglets and bars in them how come im not getting anything? small world 

    • Chrispy Chicken

       i did the same except i accidentally broke into the underground jungle !!!!:O!!!!! and i found loads of stuff and some jungle shrines (search it up on terraria wiki) and got some mad ass stuff E.G i got Hermes’ Boots,Cloud in a Bottle,Feral Gloves, Anklet of the Wind. my face nearly exploded when i got all that and to top it off i farmed the man eaters and the hornets and got the ivy whip and the jungle set.The reason your not getting anything is because your not looking in the right spot if you find the jungle on top (easy on small map) just head down there and reap the fruit of your labor! ***WARNING*** heading down there is a VERY DIFFICULT thing if you dont have the lucky horseshoe or the grappling hook with your copper make some armor and head into there and kill the hornets FIRST they will kill you easy if you get caught with no cover .Pro Tip make a little place inside the underground jungle safe from man eaters and from there make a hole so you can shoot a bow or whatever at them once it is Kinda safe go get that loot

  • Mastrcylndr

    make sure ur on hardcore mode for higher ores =D

  • Roland117

    By far the easiest way to get gold in terraria is a goldfish farm.  Found out about these from a youtube movie poster by the name of Yrmir.  He uses the crab and bird spawning statues to activate the other spawning statues, which you use for profit!

  • Joe99621

    Once you unlock the wizard after beating the wall of flesh, buy a single music box, and hold right click on a table with the music box in your hand. it will spawn music boxes like crazy. this works with all tables i think, but to be safe you can just use your crafting table. i forget what they sell for, but i got about 20 platinum in 2 minutes of placing them, and 5-10 minutes selling them. i reccomend that you store your entire inventory (Other than the music box) and then choose the sell all option to the merchant.

  • jc

    Can anyone tell me how is the easiest way to beat the wall of flesh.(sorry if I spelled something wrong) (:

  • Coby Edwards

    It takes 4 ore to smelt bars now.

  • Coby Edwards

    To beat the wall of flesh you need a long solid wood platform so you can run without stopping. you also need space armor and a space gun. Watch out for the hungrys;).

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