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by Dave on May 27, 2011

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DISCLAIMER: I do not encourage or condone cheating, it ruins the game for yourself and others. This information is for informational purposes only.

It’s not too difficult to duplicate items on singleplayer or multiplayer, I am sure these glitches will be fixed eventually. Generally the more these things get abused, the quicker they get fixed.

To duplicate any item in singleplayer:

  1. Have whatever you want to be duplicated in a chest and ‘save and exit’ your world
  2. Go my documents/my games/terraria/worlds and copy your world to another folder/desktop
  3. Go in the game and place things you want duplicated into your inventory
  4. Leave the game
  5. Replace your current world with the backup you just made
  6. You now have the original item/stack both in your inventory and in the chest. This works because your inventory and the world is saved separately.

Note: Turn off fullscreen so you can quickly switch between the folder/desktop and the game.

To duplicate items in multiplayer:

  1. Login to the server you usually play on
  2. Pick up every item you want to duplicate, so they remain in your inventory
  3. Disconnect via Inventory menu (default key: ‘Esc’)
  4. Reconnect to the server
  5. Move the items you want to duplicate into a Chest (won’t work with Piggy Bank)
  6. Press Alt+F4 to close the game without saving your changes
  7. Now go back into the server, and you’ll have the items you moved into the Chest in your inventory and inside the chest. Since the game does not save your inventory (which is saved in a separate file) because you closed it by using Alt+F4 and thus preventing any saving, you keep your items, while the server keeps the items inside the Chest since they are “saved” on the servers files.
  • Aeion

    Or you could :

    1: Put whatever you want to duplicate in a chest in Single Player.
    2: Save and Quit.
    3: Start a server.
    4: Go back in the Single Player world, take the items you want to duplicate out of the chest(s).
    5: Log onto the server and take the same items there. Disconnect the server and repeat 😉

    (You could take the items from the server world first, it doesn’t matter which world you loot first :p )

  • Pain

    Not bad

  • Barf

    Server method doesn’t work the same anymore. Still trying to figure it out.

  • Kapow

    This isn’t really a “glitch” that could be fixed, just a crude method of editing your save files. As long as they have characters saved independently from maps, you’ll be able to move items from one to the other and restore the save file to get the items back. You might as well get an inventory editing program to do this.

    • Pen15


  • Dudeman247

    1:Have what u want 2 dupe
    2:save and exit the server and join back in
    3:drop the items u want 2 dupe
    4: press Alt+F4
    5:reload terraria up
    6:pick up the items and you have twice as much as before

  • Nasa215

    put items you want to duplicate in a chest, save and exit, come back in, loot items, go jump off of a cliff, right when the you died thing pops up, close out of terraria, log back in, you keep the stuff in your inventory, plus whats in the chest

  • Angelo Selberi

    doesn’t work 

    • Hugorego444

      fuck you noob

  • hi

    no no no you gotta wait 5 or 10 minutes before doing it again i learned that the hard way

  • gamer0000

    working, thank you very much

  • TheFluffyCow

    Another way to duplicate items in Terraria:
    1. Dig a deep hole
    2. Throw the items you want to duplicate in the hole
    3. While the items are falling, Save and Quit
    4. Rejoin the world you were just on
    5. Find the hole you just dug
    6. Jump down in it
    7. A copy of the items you threw will be glitches, floating at the place they were at when you quit, and the same items you threw at the bottom
    Tip: (You might want to have Autopause on the “Off” position).

    • xXButterkingXx

      Rahhhh Ideot I lost my agile Milton pickax doing that
      Thanks a lot >:(

    • Tuck

      fuck you it doesn’t work

    • Saidra Marlow Anderson

      Thanks alot! I lost 10 platinum coins cuz of u!!!

  • Jathan


  • Jathan



    Hey! I got something good for Mobile Terraria Gamers!
    Here is how it’s done.

    1. Go into your current world and put your desired items into a chest
    2. Exit the world and then make a backup into your local
    3. Go into the original world and take your items back.
    4. Exit the world and delete the original world.
    5. Go into the backup world and look at your chest. The items is still in there while a duplicate is at your inventory! Take those items in the chest.

    Repeat these steps if you want more and more stuffs you can have! Just, please be careful not to push that trash button OK?
    See ya peace out. YouTube: ALFERZ CHANNEL

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